Get your refund in One Hour *

How it works:

This is Ambassador Tax™ service that could provide your income tax refund in one hour* during the February 25th to June 30th income tax filing season. Here's how it works:

If you have a refund coming back from your income tax return this year and you don't want to wait for it just bring your tax information to an Ambassador Tax™ office and tell us that you would like to get a Fast Cash Refund. Our tax associates will review your information to determine if you qualify for this service. Qualification criteria includes having all original copies of necessary T4's and other tax receipts.

We prepare your tax return and verify how much money you have coming back from CRA.
If you qualify for Fast Cash Refund, we will give you 85% of the first $300 of your income tax refund and 95% of the rest. For example, if you have a $460 refund, the amount you will receive from Ambassador Tax™ is $407**. The $53 fee covers the entire cost of the Fast Cash Refund service, including tax preparation and the tax return is backed up by Ambassador Tax™ guarantee which includes year round assistance.

What to bring:

Bring all of your original receipts such as (T4's, T5's, RRSP, social assistance, etc.)
Bring two picture ID's such as (Drivers license, Passport, Birth Certificate, etc.)
If you have children than bring their Birth Certificates as well.
Rent receipts.
Donation receipts.
Last years tax return.
Bring any additional papers that are relevant to your 2013 tax returns.
Your banking information.


If any one of the following applies, your return cannot be discounted:
If you are a deemed resident (not subject to provincial or territorial tax).
If your social insurance number begins with 0 or 9.
If you were bankrupt in 2013 or in bankruptcy status according to CRA's record.
If you are a new immigrant, or a non-resident.
If your address is outside of Canada.
If you are claiming following deduction's:
Attendant care expenses or disability amount for the first time.
Foreign tax credit.
A spousal amount in respect of a spouse not resident in Canada.
An amount for other dependents not resident in Canada.
An overseas employment tax credit.
Self employment or Rental losses

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